James S. MacLeod

James S. MacLeod, Director and Board Chair

James S. MacLeod was elected to the Board of Directors in May 2005. Mr. MacLeod currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and he’s a member of the Audit and Finance Committees. Mr. MacLeod has served in various positions at CoastalStates Bank in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina since February, 2004 and is currently its President. Mr. MacLeod also serves on the Board of Directors of CoastalStates Bank and has served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of CoastalSouth BancShares, its holding company, since 2011. From June 1982 to February 2004 he held various positions at Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the last 7 years serving as its Executive Vice President. Mr. MacLeod has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Tampa, a Master of Science in Real Estate and Urban Affairs from Georgia State University and a Masters in City Planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. MacLeod is currently a Trustee and serves as the Chairman of the Governance and Valuation Committees of the Allianz Funds.