William D. Muir, Jr.

William D. Muir, Jr., Director

William D. Muir, Jr. serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Jabil Circuit, Inc. (NYSE: JBL), where he has been employed since 1992. Mr. Muir joined Jabil as a Quality Engineer and has served in management positions including Senior Director of Operations for Florida, Michigan, Guadalajara, and Chihuahua; was promoted to Vice President, Operations-Americas in February 2001, was named Vice President, Global Business Units in November 2002, Senior Vice President, Regional President – Asia in September 2004 and Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, EMS Division from September 2007 to April 2010 to March 2013, when he was appointed as Chief Operating Officer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Florida.


Mr. Muir brings to our Board global business and operations management experience as chief operating officer of Jabil Circuit.